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Insights in Pediatric Cardiology Research in pediatric cardiology Insights in Pediatric Cardiology Volume 5, Issue 1 Insights in Pediatric Cardiology Volume 5, Issue 2 Insights in Pediatric Cardiology Volume 5, Issue 3 https:/ Market analysis pSudhap https:/ Cardiology pALIp https:/ Differed stenting in STEMI05 years pSaidp https:/ Physical exercise prevents memory impairment through modulation of CD39 and CD73 activities and A2A receptor expression in hypertension pAndreacuteiaAAAp https:/ COVID19 Unmasking Coronary Artery DiseaseSSSSSS pAzhar Alip Insights in Pediatric Cardiology Volume 5, Issue 4 https:/ LowDensity Lipoprotein and HighDensity pJuho Jalkanenp https:/ Interventional Cardiovascular MRThe Next Stage in Pediatric Cardiology pCarlos Ubedappnbspp https:/ International Society of Coronary Heart and Lung Transplation pLindsay R Freudp https:/ Ventricular Free Wall Rupture and Pseudoaneurysm Formation pIlona Michaowskap https:/ ExtraCardiac malformation and Congenital Heart Defect Insights in Pediatric Cardiology Volume 5, Issue 5 https:/ Sick Sinus Syndrome and TachycardiaBradycardia Syndrome pLuigi Padelettinbspp https:/ Mechanical Circulatory Support Outcome Etiologic and Demographic Data pMarcus Graneggerp https:/ Pediatric Ablation Years of National Data pMark A Walshp https:/ Transposition of the great arteries and Tetralogy of Fallot pBanu Aydnp https:/ Echocardiography and Cardiovascular Credentialing International pMarie Beaufregraverep https:/ A Case Series Outlining the Relationship Between Dolichoectasia and Ectrodactyly Ectodermal Dysplasia Clefting Syndrome pCameron John Sabetp https:/ Cardiac biomarkers in a select cohort of Pediatric heart disease Galectin3hsCRP and NTproBNP pBenedicto A Fernandes1, David P Bichell2, Mark A Clay3p https:/ Assessment of aortic and left ventricular functions in children with celiac disease pAjda Mutlu Mhcoglu1, Hasret Ayyldz Civan2p https:/ Involvement of Right Ventricle Function in Children with Dilated Cardiomyopathy pMomina Fatima1 , Syed Najam Hyder 2, Amna Iqbal3 , Munawar Ghous4p Insights in Pediatric Cardiology Volume 5, Issue 6 https:/ Response of Various Conduit Arteries in Tachycardia and Volume OverloadInduced Heart Failure pstrongspan stylefontsize90ptspan stylefontfamilyquotCambriaquot,quotserifquotGhassan Kassabspanspanstrongp https:/ Perioperative BetaBlockers for Preventing SurgeryRelated Mortality and Morbidity pnbspstrongspan stylefontsize90ptspan stylefontfamilyquotCambriaquot,quotserifquotHermann Blessbergerspanspanstrongp https:/ Permanent HisBundle Pacing in Pediatrics and Congenital Heart Disease pnbspstrongspan stylefontsize90ptspan stylefontfamilyquotCambriaquot,quotserifquotAdam C Keanspanspanstrongp https:/ Reporting of Preclinical Research in Anesthesiology Transparency and Enforcement https:/ Neonatal Resuscitation and Postresuscitation Care of Infants Born to Mothers with Suspected or Confirmed SARSCoV2 Infection pstrongspan stylefontsize90ptspan stylefontfamilyquotCambriaquot,quotserifquotPraveen Chandrasekharanspanspanstrongp Insights in Pediatric Cardiology Volume 6, Issue 1 https:/ Myocarditis is Irritation of the Heart Myocyte pMichael Starp https:/ Pan Colitis with Grave Abscesses was seen on Histologic Assessment pStasa Dizdarevicp https:/ Development has been postponed in Two of Five Youngsters pTara Boylep https:/ Most Perinatal Strokes Involve the Middle Cerebral Artery pMorgan Benedettip https:/ Development Design is Indistinguishable from the Mitral Annulus pKoji Paternotp Insights in Pediatric Cardiology Volume 6, Issue 2 https:/ Myocarditis is the Most Widely Recognized Reason for CardiovascularBreakdown Alex Hales https:/ Histologic Assessment of Examples Acquired By Colonoscopy Chris morgan https:/ Pediatric Stroke Protocols Mainly Due to Formation of International Consortiums David Hood https:/ Involvement in Extracorporeal Layer Oxygenation Bryan white https:/ Myocarditis Related with Stomach Torment or Regurgitating Stays an Analytic Test Michael Star Insights in Pediatric Cardiology Volume 6, Issue 5 https:/ Quick Advancement of Cardiovascular Breakdown Kristina Cossen https:/ Globular Heart and Left Lower Projection Aspiratory Invade Kara K Prickett https:/ Cerebrovascular Events that are diagnosed during the Perinatal Period Nathan Rubalcava https:/ Heart Transplantation in Youngsters is Being Performed with Expanding Recurrence Rhonda Cooper https:/ Despite the Fact that Individuals from the Revival Group Regularly Jochen Beyer Insights in Pediatric Cardiology Volume 6, Issue 6 https:/ Nasal and Aviation Route Epithelia from Drying Out Yamini deepthi https:/ Fetal Disease is connected to Preterm Birth and to Critical Long Haul Handicap Including Cerebral Palsy Tarek Turk https:/ Urology Exists Under the Space of Genitourinary Issues Annabel Christ https:/ Contingent upon the Seriousness of the Intricacy Gabriele Piffaretti https:/ Sinus Disease can spread through Anastomosing Veins Tetsuo Yamaguchi Insights in Pediatric Cardiology Volume 6, Issue 3 https:/ Hemodynamic and Stitch Related Proarrhythmic Factors Ben Falcone https:/ Enormous Number of Patients Whose Side Effects Resolve Precipitously Bradley Cooper https:/ Adolescents with Pericarditis Ordinarily Present with Chest Distress and Fever Lena Headey https:/ Accomplished with Atrioventricular Intersection Removal and VentricularPacemaker Implantation Sam Neill https:/ Transept Cut is Ordinarily Used to get to the Left Heart for Catheter RemovalStrategies Christian Bale Insights in Pediatric Cardiology Volume 6, Issue 4 https:/ Assessment of Examples Acquired By Colonoscopy C morgan https:/ Supravalvular Position during Constant Echocardiographic Recording Kevin Struss https:/ Procedural and Short Term Outcomes of Transcatheter Radiofrequency Assisted Pulmonary Valvotomy and Balloon Valvuloplasty of Patients with Pulmonary Atresia with Intact Interventricular Septum Judah D Gozar https:/ Transcatheter Occlusion of a Hepatic Vein to Left Atrium Fistula Should we Close Venovenous Collateral Vessels Following Fontan Operation https:/ Device Closure of Large Patent Ductus Arteriosus PDA in YoungInfants Analysis of Cases In a Bangladeshi Centre pNurun Nahar Fatemap